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Sometimes, legal proceedings will need expert testimony from an appraiser. We have the credentials and experience to provide you with assistance.

Offering Expert Testimony for Court Proceedings Near Las Vegas, NV

If you’re getting a divorce, challenging property taxes, or dealing with another legal situation that requires an appraisal, then you may need to get expert testimony to support the value in the appraisal report. At Value Able LLC, we’re able to provide expert testimony to clients throughout Las Vegas, NV. We have decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the housing market; trust us to provide fair and impartial service.


What Is Expert Witness Testimony?

Expert witness testimony is, essentially, a type of litigation support. It is testimony given in some sort of court proceeding by an expert in the field in order to support a case. For home valuation purposes, an appraiser may be called in to verify the accuracy of an appraisal report. We have the experience and qualifications necessary to act as credible witnesses, able to assist with things such as property tax litigation and divorce appraisal testimony.

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Get expert testimony from a professional near Las Vegas, NV. Consider reaching out to us to request a free estimate and learn more. We’re ready to provide you with expert assistance.

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